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Everyone goes crazy about the European Super League

After a year of postponements, we are finally ready with the UEFA Championship, which has in fact kept the name of EURO 2020 as it will also happen for the Tokyo Olympics.

This will be the 16th edition and for the first time the European Football Championships will be itinerant.

Being in fact the 60th anniversary, it will be played in 11 different European cities: the inaugural match will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome with the Italy-Turkey match this Friday 11 June, while the final will be played at Wembley Stadium in London exactly one month later, that is July 11th.

It therefore seems that the stadium "fever" has already affected millions of soccer fans (and not) throughout Europe, and all the more so since the stadiums will also allow access to the public, although in evidently limited quantities and still respecting the rules anti-Covid.

However, it is also likely that at Wembley the Euros will be able to be played in front of the full 90,000 fans even before the government lifts its social distancing rules on 21 June - assuming all goes according to plan before then.

In all, 24 teams will play, divided into 6 groups as per draw (A, B, C, D, E and F)

This will also be the first great opportunity that will allow us to start breathing again that "normalcy" that we took for granted until two years ago and that now everyone misses so much. It will also be an important test to see what will happen after such an impressive mass aggregation in the post-vaccine phase, hopefully it served to shield us largely if not 100%.

So, everyone ready to cheer on their team? Personally I would like a nice Italy-England final, as anyone who wins I would be happy 😉

And who are you cheering for?

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